getting real. sorta.

designing A1
July 7, 2010, 2:28 am
Filed under: the underling

DESIGNING A1 IS A SLIGHTLY BIG DEAL, at least to me. my internship coordinator was asking me how it was going, telling me i need to work on my self-confidence and how i should avoid being known as “the weird intern.” she asked me if i thought my adviser would let me design A1 (the front page) sometime this summer. i replied that i hoped so.

just then my adviser walks up and asks me how i feel about doing A1 that night.


one of the other designers was stuck in crazy traffic and he wanted me to cover her shift.

i gathered my things and slowly moved from the B1 desk to the A1 desk. it felt SO cool! editors and designers alike walked by, saw that i was sitting at the covetted A1 desk and congratulated me, gave me winks of understanding and smiles of encouragement. i was a little elated. i was very terrified.

i made it through unscathed, and even more, i liked what i did.

my first A1

i don’t think i’ll forget that feeling for a long time.


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