getting real. sorta.

moving from coast to coast
July 7, 2010, 1:05 am
Filed under: the girl growing up

I WAS NERVOUS. i had just graduated college (mostly) and celebrated with family and friends i hadn’t seen in so long. but my mind wasn’t able to focus on these great people i love most. i was preoccupied in the back of my mind with all the things that i had yet to do.

my trip got off to a rough start when — after dealing with all the stress of trying to pass all 20 credits i took my spring quarter, saying goodbye to the daily and returning from a last hoorah vacation to new york, my car had a part that was broken and we had to get a new one, postponing my departure by a day and a half, losing my wallet and finding it again (inside my car) and almost being late to graduation — i finally lost it. i had a minor meltdown and all my fears and anxiety over taking the first real step out of childhood and into adulthood loomed nearer and nearer.

yeah, i was scared.

making the trip with my sister, elisabeth, was probably one of the best things i could have done to prepare myself for the inevitable. for five days, we woke up and drove, went to sleep, woke up and drove. there were not nearly as many arguments as i think pretty much everyone was expecting and she was a real trooper, driving me around to visit different newsrooms and driving all day while i slept. she and i took turns reading aloud from one of our favorite series (the song of the lionness quartet by tamora pierce) and watching movies on the dvd player.

we camped and stayed in hotels and finally made it to our destination, mere hours before i was supposed to show up for my first day at work. she was to stay with me for the next few days before i took her to the airport to fly back home.

flying takes much less time than driving.

we’d seen it all: cities grew smaller until there were no buildings in site; farmlands grew wider as the trip went on; mountains turned to valleys and valleys to rivers. we drove through washington, idaho, montana, wyoming, south dakota, iowa, nebraska, missouri, illinois, indiana, kentucky, west virginia and finally virginia. coast to coast.

i was mixed with so many emotions. regret, fear, uncerntainty, excitement, anticipation, trepidation, happiness. the drive became theraputic.

when elisabeth and i finally drove up to the building with “The Virginian-Pilot” across the top, my palms got sweaty, my heart quickened, and it took nearly all my will power to open the door, leave the safety of my car, and venture into a world unknown.


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