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sick days
July 17, 2010, 4:20 am
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FOR THE LAST SEVERAL DAYS, i have been sick, sick, sick! it all started sunday night as i was partaking in my favorite activity — eating top ramen, drinking a bud light, and watching bad movies — when i went to take a swig o’ my beer, all of a sudden my throat had the slightest degree of uncomfiness.

the next couple of days that not-so-grand feeling steadily grew into a very large annoyance. and eventually, shear (sp?) pain. i was in AGONY! really, i was. ask my mom. but, being a very dedicated intern, i went to work on tuesday anyway. ugh. wrong idea. by the end of the night, i was so very out of it. i even missed deadline cuz of it. sad day.

the next morning i awoke and realized there was NO WAY i’d be going to work that day. instead, following my mother’s advice (orders is more like it), i went to urgent care. doctor diagnosed me with a viral infection. so he prescribed me anti-biotics, cuz that makes sense…

now, being a very independent woman, i am quite used to doing things for myself. but, as some of you may be in the know about a certain Navy boy, the last week or so i’ve had someone insisting on helping me whenever the chance arose. so i let him help move a dresser in my room, cuz, hey, i can be flexible.

well, that morning that i had to get out of bed and drive myself to the urgent care, and drive myself to the pharmacy, and drive myself back home, and drive myself to the pharmacy again, i wished beyond wish that the certain Navy boy had been there that day. so you know i must have been REAL sick if i was considering being dependent on a boy!

yeah, that’s not how i usually roll.

anyway. it sucked. i missed the next day too.

but, what was amazing was the fact that i got to watch all of season 1 of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and almost all of season 2. i plan on starting up again this weekend. very much looking forward to it.

so yeah, being sick sucks. especially when you have to miss work that you enjoy. but some good ol’ DQMW can make any awful situation just a bit brighter. sully, you are the light of my sick life.


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Thanks for sharing your life as an intern! I love you!

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