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July 18, 2010, 1:41 am
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IT’S AMAZING HOW JUST ONE THING can completely lift my mood for not only mere hours, but days. i got a rather exciting e-mail the other day, totally unexpectedly, and it’s not only put me in a grand ol’ mood, but it’s also propelled me forward to strive to do my very best at my internship.

several weeks ago, i applied for this travel grant offered through SND for a student visual journalist to attend this year’s conference in denver, colo., to do all these cool workshops. they asked where we saw ourselves five years from now. i answered that i saw myself at a startup media firm working in the design/production side of things of a daily sports newspaper.

well, i sorta forgot about it after that, figured it was only a shot in the dark. but my blind aim seems to be taking shape as i received an e-mail yesterday congratulating me on being one of the 10 students selected for this thing!

i. was. stoked.

not only do i get to go and learn sooooo much, but i also get to meet a lot of industry professionals i look up to and admire. i get goosebumps just thinking about it.

and it gets me thinking about that saying, the one that goes something along the lines of creating your own opportunities? help me out if you know it. anyway, i thought this was a shot in the dark. and i thought applying for this internship was a shot in the dark. but if you don’t even take the shot, how can you hope for it to land somewhere?

so here’s to shooting in the dark. close your eyes and see where your arrow points you.


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Absolutely! If you don’t put yourself out there and try for something you think is unattainable, you are defeating yourself! Congratulations!

Comment by Mom

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