getting real. sorta.

getting in trouble. oops.
July 19, 2010, 5:57 am
Filed under: the underling, the woman growing down

I’VE BEEN CALLED A BLACKHOLE OF INTEREST once before, in one of my geology classes in college. my TA told me i had a way of taking everyone else off course around me, himself included, with a sidetracking ability i was unaware of possessing. it made another appearance the other night.

after my shift was over, i was told, very politely and respectfully, that i was sucking people out of their work and into my ramblings and that i ought naught speak for more than one to two minutes in any given stretch. again, this is very fair since, even though i had finished all my work, all the copy editors were still trying to read stories, i.e. do their job. and i was making that a bit difficult for them.

yup. i’m like a blackhole of attention spans, and my gravitational center pulling everyone’s attention into the dark depths is my amazingly powerful ADD. not only is it keeping me off task, but it is now knocking others off their attention-span axis. oops.

sometimes i feel like that 8-year-old girl sitting in Mrs. Chemers’ 2nd-grade class, when she would look at me and tell me to simmer down. i just hope the editor doesn’t make me work next to his desk. now that would be embarrassing.


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