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i’m only 23 people
July 19, 2010, 5:29 am
Filed under: the girl growing up, the woman growing down

TO ME, 23 SOUNDS YOUNG. i don’t know if it’s because i know people who are my age and i like to be immature with them or if it’s just that i work with a lot of people who are older than i am or if it’s because i have two older sisters that are “old” as opposed to my “young.” but lately, i’ve felt a bit more pressure to figure things out for the rest of my life. starting now. and i’m like, um, i’m 23.

when i was younger and playing house with the neighbors, we were always getting married around 16, like the princesses in the disney movies. when we got a little older and started talking about our real prince charming and what such a man would be like, we assumed we’d be married around 22. i told myself when i was 17 that if i made it to 27 and was still unwed, i would join a dating site to try and find a match in an expedited process.

but um, i’m 23. and uh, i am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young to get married. maybe it’s just me but i really still feel like a kid most of the time. i mean, don’t tell anyone, but i still sleep with a stuffed animal every night.

and all this stress about finding a job? i feel like i have to make a decision for the rest of my life, when really, i’ll probably only be at my first job for a couple years before moving on to somewhere else.

the crocodile from peter pan is following me around with that tick tick tick sound. i need to lose the croc and jump on board with pocahontas and just follow the flow of the river. listen to me, i’m referencing disney movies. i’m still too young to make any serious decisions.

i keep thinking of that britney (sp? kate?) spears’ song “not a girl, not yet a woman” (something like that?) and i’m all like, “she’s right.” i feel like i’m in life limbo land. i need to buy a plane ticket to denver at the end of september and i can’t because i don’t know which airport i’m going to be flying out of. and that’s just two months away. i don’t know where i’m going to be, no, i have NO CLUE where i’m going to be two months from now.

uh, yeah, i’m a bit scared.

i just need to buck up and tell the crocodile to leave me alone and ask pocahontas for a paddle and just start chrunin’ some water, baby. job applications, here i come.


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So here’s my 2 cents….
1. Fly home after internship & ship car
2. I fly out and help drive car & you home.
3. Fly friend out and both drive home.

Then fly to Denver on sept 22 from Seattle. Don’t start job till mid oct (of you get one by then) of not-you unwind.

Comment by Mom

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