getting real. sorta.

too hot
July 19, 2010, 5:15 am
Filed under: the east coaster

IT’S TOO HOT TO SLEEP. TO EAT. TO STAND. TO SIT. i think i’m done with the east coast. it’s just hot, all the time. there’s a hanging heat blob in the air, like a big heat jellyfish hovering, floating. a heat smog. i find myself going early to work or staying in grocery stores longer because the AC is amped up to 11.

the worst part is that it’s not a dry heat, like denver. and it’s not muggy enough to complain about it all the time, like chicago. it’s a subtle annoyance. it’s just like something you forgot to do but it’s not that big of a deal, so you avoid thinking about it but it just sorta lingers.

yeah, like that.

too hot to sleep. too hot. my hands get all clammy from the heat and then dust just sticks to them and i feel like i have to wash my hands all the time.

the other worst part is that — apparently — being south, it gets darker earlier than the north. lame. so i was all used to it being light until nearly 10 p.m. at home, and here, it’s 8 p.m. and black out.

i’m not complaining. i am actually starting to like the east coast. baseball games are easier to watch when you’re three hours ahead of them back west.

i’m just whining. cuz of the heat. i blame it all on the heat.



i hate the weekends. i don’t get to work on the weekends and that means i have to find other things to do when really, all i want to do is go to work.

rant: done.


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