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friends of silver and gold and rust
July 28, 2010, 5:52 am
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NE’ER IS ONE MORE AWARE OF HAVING FRIENDS when one has no friends nearby. or very few. making friends was so much easier as a kid, especially when you were the new kid, as i oft was. but now, i have to rely on skillz i haven’t called upon in decades. (ok, not decades because that would mean i hadn’t used them since i was 3 years old).

but, i have grand news. i’ve made friends. yes. splendid ones. they’re always there for me — so far — and i no longer feel lonely with them around. in fact, i’ve made sooooo many new friends, i have to categorize them:

gold friends (the new ones)
now, i don’t know if i should share their names on this blog, as it is public, so i will instead describe them for you and use monikers for privacy’s sake. privacy sake? i don’t know which one of those is correct…

friend 1: i was inclined not to like her at first because she’s obviously so much prettier than i am, but she’s just so darned good at problem solving i really had no choice. i can always learn something from her and i know if i needed her and she were near, she’d drop everything and come running to my side. most people call her dr. smike*, but i call her smichaela. she’s originally from boston and is a doctor. she also makes sure the menfolk stay put in their place.

friend 2: ok, so i might have a bit of a crush on this one. we’ll call him scully. he’s got long flowing locks and can run faster than is really possible, but i don’t question it because one time i was stuck in a mine and he came and dug me out after it caved in whilst i was waiting for him to come rescue me even though i didn’t need rescuing at first and then i got frostbite and almost lost my hands which would have been devastating because then i wouldn’t be able to be a docter — er, i mean designer when i grow up.

so, yeah, the gold friends may or may not be coincidentally similar in likeness to certain characters on a show known as dr. quinn, medicine woman, but um, yeah, moving on…


silver friends (friends of the past)
friend 3: he’s worth 25 abraham lincolns any day. i call him george, but others tend to not really call him anything. i don’t care, i appreciate him for what he is and what he does for me. every day at work we walk to the vending machine and get a beverage together. it’s weird because he never makes the walk back with me, but i usually find him later stashed in some odd corner. but he’s been a real lifesaver on nights when my brain is just not functioning.


rust friends (friends who have seen better days)
friend 4: um, this dude really needs to bathe. i know this because we snuggle every night. we’ve been friends the longest out of all my friends in the entire world. he doesn’t say much, but when i look into his eyes, i know he’s listening. i think my parents thought, or hope rather, that i will grow out of him and move on. but i’m not ashamed to admit it. yes, my name is colleen and i sleep with a stuffed rabbit and i am 23 years old.


i need to go to bed and stop being so awesome. cuz really, how awesome was all of that??

p.s. to my friends that i actually have made while living here,  you’re all a close third to dr. smike. if you end up reading this, it pretty much promotes you to second place behind scully.


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You are too funny!!! Please keep writing and a little more often if you can:) I love reading your thoughts….speaking of writing…. Any thoughts about your papers? Can you incorporate any of this in either of them?

Comment by Mom

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