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that thing known as money
July 28, 2010, 5:22 am
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IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HOW QUICKLY MONEY just seems to disappear. i really do believe my bank account is a dryer and my paychecks are socks. i know they get put into the dryer, but when i go to remove them, they’ve disappeared.

from now on i’m going to try really really hard to actually pay attention to where my money goes. i know this last paycheck went mostly to a plane ticket back home and the next one will go mostly toward rent. but i’ll need to pay attention to the rest of it so it doesn’t up and decide to run away like the last several. seriously, i don’t have very many friends here so i’m not doing a whole lot so my pocketbook should really reflect that more. if i were a stranger and looked at this colleen’s pocketbook, i think i would assume that she has ample friends and endless free time to fill.

my bank account has a cooler life than i have.

i’m going to blame some of it on this gosh-darned heat. it’s too hot to cook/back/microwave so i end up purchasing a lot of my meals. i suppose i could try really hard to cut back on that. and maybe i should go to the beach more. the beach is free. as long as you avoid the bar that is right on the beach and the amazing mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurant not even a block away.

maybe i will just leave my debit card at home from now on; take a piece of advice from my eldest sister (who just got even elder yesterday) and live from envelope to envelope. i have about 30 envelopes just sitting here, i think i’m going to do that. we’ll see what happens.

mom, if you read this, i haven’t spent a dime and i’m saving everything. they call me penny-pinching princess.


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