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July 30, 2010, 5:48 am
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EARLIER I WROTE ON THE SUBJECT OF MONEY and how i didn’t have any of it. well, last night i realized how much of it i didn’t have. i got hungry (as i oft do) so i decided to get some food. i didn’t feel like slaving over a humming microwave for two minutes, so i decided to drive to the nearest burger king and enjoy some royal cooking.

unfortunately, i didn’t have any money, figuratively. i figured i probably had a bit of money still in my bank account. like, a buck or so. luckily, the other day when i had purchased a whopper meal from the aforementioned establishment, i had a game piece on my fries from the twitlight thing they’re doing. basically, what one has to do is choose to scratch off either a team edward or team jacob option. i figure there are more team edward fans out there than team jacob fans, so i went for team jacob, figuring there’d be a higher probability of winning as they probably put more winning options under his scratcher. …

so after i scratched of that weird silvery stuff — low and behold! — i realized i had won a free whopper jr. :D

now, i figured this was just sorta cool at the time. but last night, i realized how absolutely AWESOME that was.

as i searched my room i found no change. no biggie, i knew i had some in my wallet and i figured a buck or so on my card. as a last minute thought i grabbed my winning game piece and headed out the door.

before i went to the bk lounge, i stopped by an atm to check my balance. to my horror, i only had -$.14! ack! I’M IN DEBT!!!!!!

but i was too hungry to worry about that right then. so i headed over to bkl. i parked my car and searched around in every nook (knook?) and cranny to find each and every coin i had in there. between the spare change in the ca’ and in my wallet, i had a buck-o-five. i figured that would cover a small fry. i was gonna eat mighty fine!

i ordered my whopper jr. with my WINNING GAME PIECE and asked the lady for a dollar-menu fry. the total came to $1.12.

oh shit. tax.

i counted out the quarters, then the dimes, then the nickles and, slowly, each penny. i looked up at the lady behind the counter ¬†with pleading in my eyes. she took pity on me and said she’d cover the remaining 7 cents.


thank goodness for twilight game pieces, thank goodness for the popularity of team edward, thank goodness for my statistics class, thank goodness for the lady at the bk lounge, and thank goodness for payday tomorrow.


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Twitlight! Ha!

Comment by hbrianne

Oh my, I hate it when I can’t find enough change in the car for food—and I hate it even worse when I findcout that there is very little in my account…it’s like the dryer at our house, it just disappears, lilie magic:D

Comment by Mom

[…] the generic you, i got recognized at a fast food drive through. and not only did i get recognized, but i also got a free apple […]

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