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hunting for a job
August 4, 2010, 7:40 pm
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AS THIS IS A BLOG ABOUT BEING AN INTERN, it is only natural that a couple of these posts confront the major issue i have to deal with as an intern: finding a job. it’s pretty tough finding a job when theres’s virtually no jobs available. it definitely makes for both an interesting and trying experience.

so far it’s just making sure my name and face are out there. so if you could start posting flyers (fliers? i always get confused which is which) — i was wrong, it is flier; thank you AP Stylebook iPhone App — with my face and name on them where’er you go, that’d be great.

i’ve visited some pretty awesome newsrooms i would love to work at, but of course the places posting jobs are not these newsrooms. and they’re all in these bizarre-o locations. (google-map bizarre-o and you’ll see where they are).

i just don’t know if i can handle living in states that don’t touch water. it’s been more than a decade since i’ve lived in a state that doesn’t touch an ocean. although omaha was surprisingly not too farm-like, always a plus.

some of these jobs i’m looking at i know i’d only be there for a year or so, but i’d like to find a place i want to be at for a couple years, really develop my skillz before moving on.

in the meantime, i’m learning patience. not very well though, i’m afraid. and i’m listening to a lot of 3oh!3. it’s my angry/pump-it music. every time i send a job application i think “take that, e-mail server! send that application! yeah! and don’t come back until you’ve got a response!”

so far no responses.

job tally:

offers: 1
applications sent: 8
inquiries: 1
rumors: 3

we shall see how this all measures up.


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yeah, the one thing I didn’t like about Colorado was the fact that it was landlocked. Every once in awhile I would remember that and feel horribly trapped and make a run to the river. What is that about?

Comment by arla

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