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oh yeah, that degree thing
August 6, 2010, 3:13 am
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I PARTICIPATED IN GRADUATION IN JUNE, but i have yet to technically earn my bachelor’s degree. through this internship, i am receiving my last 10 credits i need to reach the 180 credits required from the UW. all that is standing between me and a diploma is two 12-page papers. crap.

12 pages? each?? holy cow. thank goodness it’s credit/no credit. so basically, all i have to do is vomit words onto 12 pages and sorta get to a point by the end of it. or somewhere in the middle. throw in a few facts, pull a few quotes from books, use wikipedia like crazy and i’ll be done.

i officially started the process tonight. i’m amazed at how well i ramble. i managed to turn one idea into an entire page-long introductory paragraph. basically all i said in it was “since gutenberg invented movable type, newspapers have been influenced by technology in what they cover and how they cover it.” seriously. but with a few verbal flourishes here and there, i’ve managed to turn that simple — and quite obvious — concept into a lengthy verbose chronicle of vague and generalized moments in history.

i even applied for a library card today at the public library that’s less than a mile from where i am currently living. it’s a really nice library, too. i think it’ll be a good environment for me to ramble on 23 more pages.

and how does this pertain to you, my slightly-less-than-loyal-but-definitely-loyal-enough readership? well, i figure this can be a goup endeavor! yes, you too can participate in this word-vomit fiesta!

all you have to do is provide quotes about newspapers from books or reliable reference sites online. just copy and paste and provide the url so i can incorporate it into my paper.

topics on newspapers i need information about:
1. the history of newspapers
2. the history of the internet
3. the history of movable type
4. statistics about the number of newspapers in the U.S. since the 1700s to now
5. how newspaper printing has evolved through time
6. the role the introduction of color played in newspapers
7. the history of color printing in newsprint
8. the history of news design

not interested in any of these topics? fear not, for i have a second paper with even more exciting topics from which you may choose:
1. the portrayal of newsrooms in movies
2. newsroom culture, past and present
3. the history of social networking sites
4. women in journalism and the history thereof
5. journalism ethics changing through time
6. any and all of the above with an emphasis on sports

ok, so go, my friends and family, fetch me quotes and stats and facts that will help me achieve my goal of officially graduating from the UW. once i turn in these papers, i’m done. and goodness knows i am eager to be done. as are my financial backers, i’m sure. (thanks mom and dad).


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I had to write an essay during the job application process for the UW. My intro was that Hollywood has done a disservice in portraying journalism poorly. A journalist is a lone, arrogant person who breaks laws to get information. Journalism is a team sport performed better with no ego and requires the highest of ethics.

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For number 3 in your second category:

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