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pros of living on “the other” coast
August 7, 2010, 4:13 am
Filed under: the east coaster

OK, SO I DON’T THINK I’VE REALL BEEN THAT FAIR TO THIS COAST. but really, i haven’t lived in a state east of Illinois before, so it definitely takes some getting used to. and i feel it is time to share some positives about living over here, because lately i think i’ve been stuck on the negatives (i.e. my friends back home).

reasons, listed in no specific order whatsoever:

  1. the ocean is warm over here (even though this yeilds a supply of jellyfish, which are not good).
  2. i live within driving distance of my three wonderful nephews  (although it is a very long driving distance).
  3. it is flat, which makes it easier for running and riding my bike (but it also means there’s no gorgeous mountains to look at, something i’ve been used to since i was a babe minus the 2 years i lived outside chi-town back in the mid-90s).
  4. i’m three hours ahead of my friends and family so i can talk to them after i get off work (but this also means that they can keep me up until very late my time talking/chatting/texting me).
  5. i’m three hours ahead of mariners games when they’re at home, and various other hours ahead of them when they’re on the road everywhere but this time zone so i can go watch the game after work (but since there aren’t many mariners fans over here, i have to ask them to put on the game and often times they don’t have access to it).
  6. people have accents, which is kinda cool (but whenever i say anything that has cali roots and drifted up into the vernacular of seattlites, people look at me very strangely).
  7. i’m only a few hours drive from the nation’s capitol (i’m also a few hours drive to the nearest major league ballpark).
  8. santa comes here first (it’s not christmas yet).
  9. i’m that much closer to snooki, jwow, sammi, ron, vinny, mike and¬†pauly d (but i’m also that much closer to angelina).
  10. boys over hear are much more proactive in pursuing women (boys over here hit on girls way too much).

so yeah. those are the good (and bad) things about living on the east coast. also, random factoid, i currently live in a commonwealth instead of a state. check it.


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