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books are better than websites any old day
August 21, 2010, 2:52 am
Filed under: the girl growing up

COMING TO THE LIBRARY ALWAYS MAKES ME FEEL so inspired to do things. for some reason i feel like i have so many more resources at my disposal than when i’m at home on the internet.

with books, someone who was very passionate and informed had to dedicate a lot of his or her time to writing a book and going through the whole process of getting it published. when you read a book, you feel that passion and emotion come through, so much more so than when you’re reading a site online that took someone merely minutes to post.

i’m not saying the posters of internet sites are any less passionate nor educated on the subject, but there’s some sort of connection you feel to the author of a book, as if he or she wrote all those words to be read by me.

so, books feed into my conceit? perhaps. but i still like ’em better than websites any old day.

anyway, why am i at the library? well, i still have those darned papers to write. and the internet can only get you so far. sometimes it’s just easier to use books. and instead of just finding information that supports the idea you’re trying to illustrate, you can find information you weren’t actively seeking but since the whole book is about the same topic, it usually fits in well and can add a couple additional pages to your essay!

win. win.


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