getting real. sorta.

the end comes with cake
August 21, 2010, 3:08 am
Filed under: the underling

SO APPARENTLY SUMMER IS WINDING DOWN. i know this is somewhat true based on the fact that i no longer feel like i’m getting scorched when i walk to and from my vehicle and also becuase i feel sick on the amount of cake i’ve consumed in the last few weeks as the other interns start to drop off like flies. dead ones. but hopefully not ones that land in the cake.

we’ve said goodbye to nearly all the interns, and the paper knows how to send them out in style. they get the big sheet cakes with that really disgusting/addicting frosting with so much sugar you can feel it rotting out your teeth with the first bite. and then sometimes a staffer bakes a cake with love, too. and sometimes there’s brownies just for the heck of it, or cookies, or challah (sp? jewish friends, i need your help on that one). when i leave, i hope my cake is actually not cake and it’s spaghetti with mizithra (sp? i think that one needs to be checked by my greek friend, yeah, i think i only have one of those…u know who u are) cheese mixed in. mmmm. i think that’s what i’m making for linner tomorrow.

and now that it’s nearing the end, i’m getting sad. i don’t want to leave. i really like this place. i like the people i work with even if they all seem bound and determined to augment my waistline. (lay off people! i have a bridesmaid dress to fit into!) i feel like i fit in here. at the beginning of the internship one of the editors told me i shouldn’t come off so weird, that i didn’t want to be known as “the weird intern.” my response? “but i am weird.” and i am. it’s true. you all know that. and now i feel like everyone knows that here, too. but they know that it’s just me and not some kind of other weirdness. … what?

so yeah. i guess in a couple weeks i’ll have to rename this blog to something else. hopefully it’ll be “life as an employee” even though that sounds boring.


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