getting real. sorta.

getting real
September 8, 2010, 7:57 pm
Filed under: the girl growing up

SO, THIS IS MY FIRST POST UNDER MY NEW TITLE for my blog. for those of you who are just joining us — or for those of you who have been here all along, but weren’t aware of this change — i have changed the name of my blog from “life as an intern” to “getting real” because, as most of you have probably heard by now (since i’ve practically shouted it from the top of every steeple(sp?) in america due to the fact that i simply cannot retain my excitement) i got a job.

what does this mean? well, it means i’m no longer an intern after next week. it means i get grown-up things like “benefits” and “401 K,” words i oft hear thrown hither and thither but rarely pay much attention to. it means i have to be fiscally responsible and try not to call los padres para el dinero. (por el dinero?)

it means i signed a lease for an apartment. it means i will have a permanent address in a state other than washington for the first time in more than a decade. it means i’m more than 3,000 miles from family and most friends. it means i need to grow up.


i mean, i’m still colleen and in my mind, colleen is an 8-year-old child who just kinda keeps getting more layers of age applied annually. this year’s layer is called: furniture colleen.

yup, i have an apartment, but nary a thing to decorate it with. with my moving money i have been able to purchase very adult things like a bed, and a couch. but this isn’t just any old couch, it’s an adult couch. it’s a leather sectional (floor sample so i got a really good deal on it). which is quite exciting.

however, i’m finding that “adult” furnishings, unlike “college” furnishings (which are typically made of plastic in bright colors) really means “expensive” furnishings, or “more-expensive-than-i’m-used-to-with-college” furnishings.

so far, my adventures in the “real world” have shown me there is another zero on many price tags here. who knew things could cost more than three digits out? what is this fourth digit? is that optional??

the other night, i bought lamps. real ones. adult ones. how are they adult? cuz they have lampshades. i’ve never in my life bought anything with a lampshade before. and i had to buy this piece called a harp to attach the lampshade to the lamp. apparently, the real world comes with a whole new vocabulary. like blankets become “throws” and a nightstand becomes a “bed-side table” and all this other mumbo jumbo that seems to attempt to justify that pesky surplus cypher.

ugh, that darned zero, how i’m coming to loathe thee.

i move into my new apartment the 16th. there will be a contest on this blog after i’ve posted photos of the interior to name my new abode. many of you are word people out there so i expect some good suggestions.

and, since the majority of my friends live in wa instead of va, and i doubt many of you will travel for a house warming, if you feel so inclined to send me gifts or photos of you to put up in my new apartment (to be named later) as i have an inkling some of you actually are dying to do, then please, by all means feel free to send along gifts. just message/text/call me and i’ll give out my new address.

also, my new va friends who read this, if you know anyone with a truck, that’d be super great. i’ve found things are much bigger in the “real world” and thus there is another pesky attribute i’ve come across called “delivery fee.” only here it doesn’t come with a pizza like in “college-la-la-land.”


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