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the end of the intern
September 8, 2010, 7:23 pm
Filed under: the girl growing up, the underling

WELL, IT’S OFFICIAL. I’M GOING TO HAVE TO CHANGE THE NAME of this blog if i wish to continue it as i will no longer be an intern after sept. 17. however, i won’t be finished working at the pilot. come oct. 6, i will be a full-time designer at the virginian-pilot!

if anyone had told me less than a year ago — or even less than six months ago — that i’d be where i am now, getting ready to move into my new apartment, i would have called him or her crazytown, times five.

but, here i am. i can hardly believe what all had to have happened since last october when i originally applied for this internship after tracy collins from the az republic and scott ladd from austin amer. statesman told me i had potential. i remember calling my mom and crying to her on the phone upon the realization that i could maybe continue to do news design after graduating college. i was in near disbelief then, and i’m still shaking it off now.

i’m very excited. and thankful to everyone who supported me through the entire process. sometimes i felt as if many of us were in it together. everyone has been so supportive and excited for me, even though it means that i will semi-permanently become an east coaster, at least for the next couple years.

it’s crazy that i’m here. awesome, but crazy.

i have the society of news design conference i’m going to in a couple of weeks, i’m very excited for this. and then after that i’m back in seattle to pack my things before i fly down to sacramento for my sister’s wedding. then when that’s over, i fly back here, as an employed journalist. after all the tears (both sad and happy) and waiting and learning and bad designs and good designs and friends who never got to see me at night during college, i’ve made it. :D


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