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September 8, 2010, 9:59 pm
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I HAD A BIT OF A NIGHTMARE LAST NIGHT. it was so bad i had to check to make sure it wasn’t real this morning right when i woke up. i dreamed my apartment had yellow shag rugs strewn haphazardly all over red and maroon speckled lynolium tile. the hallway had oak hardwood flooring that was aged in all the wrong way. and the entrance to my apartment was a set of stairs, sans door and thus sans obstruction to unwanted visitors. one of which was a cow.  since i do not want cows in my living space, i’m glad i have a door. and i’m glad nothing that was in my literal-dream apartment is in my actual dream-apartment.

my apartment looks like this:

my entryway and kitchen, both of the most swank

and this:

basically hillary ain’t got nothin on me and my apartment, not even her last name as my apartment has “swank” written aaaaaall over it. boo. yah.

ok, so i haven’t actually seen my apartment personally yet, but i’ve seen similar units and have these photos and a floor plan from which to imagine. and i figure the horrid scene from my dream last night was merely my panic brain steering the dream ship last night. that happened before when i got one of my tattoos.

but it’s still unnerving. to think, in just over a week i’m going to be living alone for the first time in my life. i don’t think i can think of anyone else i really know who has done that. maybe that means i’m crazy. or maybe that means i want my own space. or maybe i think i want my own space because i am crazy and thus other people don’t want to live with me … ?

anyway, it’s scary. soooo scary, in fact, that i have a stress zit from it. i took a pic and posted it on kate’s wall cuz i didn’t want evidence of it on my own. so you can go there and see it if you wish.

i’m sure i’ll have more next week as it gets closer to actually moving in to my new place.

speaking of “my new place,” i’ve decided to host a contest. i want to see who can come up with the coolest name for my new apartment. i will use this new name to refer to it for all eternity. so that when i’m ranting about “mickel” or “the bungalow,” y’all will know i’m referring to my abode, which will most likely play an important and recurring role in the soap opera that my life so wishes to be.

basically, there are so few characters in my life, i have to start naming things to carry any sort of story line. i’ve been reading some trashy romance novels lately, so some of those plot lines might start slipping in as well.

k, this is a rambly post now. sorry to have wasted your time. but this contest will be on-going until i declare a winner.



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Tumble Town.

…because it refers to your awesome laundry system AND exactly what you will be doing inside it. (the apartment, not the laundry system) (and not dirty tumbling…although could be dirty tumbling if that will win me the contest)

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