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The calm before the storm
September 22, 2010, 8:48 pm
Filed under: the girl growing up

THE ELECTRIC ANTICIPATION AND EXCITEMENT BUZZING IN THE AIR surrounding me is palpable. I’m like an 8-year-old sitting impatiently through Christmas Eve Mass, knowing after this I can go straight to bed to awake and find all my presents under the tree. Only instead of Christmas and presents, it’s the annual SND conference and workshops.

I find it fitting the conference is in Denver. For those of you who are unaware, I spent three very vital years of my childhood in Denver. When I think about being a little girl, I think of Denver. I’ve always wanted to go back to Colorado to visit, it’s been an itch in my chest too deep to scratch and now I feel it coming closer to the surface. It’s fitting that one of the last places I am to spend my time off before officially becoming a resident of the Real World is the place with which I associate much of my childhood.

I’m excited. But I also know the next couple weeks is going to be anything but smooth sailing. I feel as if I am aboard a ship commandeered (sp?) by a tyranous pirate crazy enough to take the storm ahead dead on. And instead of being petrified to my core, I’m simply choosing to not think about what all will transpire over the next several days, multiple destinaions and myriad events.

After this weekend of fulfilling my duties as a travel-grant recipient from SND, I’m headed on a plane back to Seattle. Notice how I said “Seattle” and not “home”? Yeah, that’s cuz I live in Virginia now. Crazy. (p.s. I LOVE my new apartment, which I’ve decided to call The Hilary as it has “Swank” written all over it). There, I will finish packing my belongings and attempt to see as many people as I can before leaving again four days after arriving. Then I’m off to Sacramento with the majority of my family to participate in the event of he year. Or at least one of the biggest/most important events of the year. My sister’s wedding. Yay! Then I’m headed back east again, with only a day or two of rest before starting the first day of my “career.”

And all I’m packing is a small carry-on. And six pairs of shoes.


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