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snd denver: day 1
September 23, 2010, 9:48 pm
Filed under: the girl growing up

OH MAN, HERE I AM. It’s so crazy/awesome/crazy awesome/awesomely crazy to see all these people and meet all these professionals.

I’m totally geeking out and getting so excited/antsy (sp?) about getting back to designing newspapers. It’s also weird cuz people keep asking how I got the internship and others will come up to me and congratulate me, people I don’t even know. It’s weird how it takes strangers’ praise to really get me excited again about my job.

I’m nervous for tomorrow. I get to blog about one of the sessions on the SND website, which is awesome, however I’ve never interviewed anyone before and I’m nervous. I swear I’m the only person here who didn’t major in journalism! I feel a little out of my element. It’d be easier I think if I had friends here to be unsure with. As it is, I’m latching on to various other students from other schools.

There was a reception tonight. With a mechanical bull. Yup. I rode the bull. That was a first. And a last, no doubt.

I’m enjoying myself but I feel a little like my mind is elsewhere and I’m having a hard time fully committing to this experince emotionally. Maybe I’ll take my ADHD medication tomorrow to help me focus. My mind is racing and it feels like it needs to be stimulated but I’m so tired that I can’t read or do crosswords. I think I’m just also a little homesick and eager to get back to Seattle and then excited for Kelly’s wedding. I’m rambling now, I know. Also, my bed at the hotel has red velvet and satin blankets. No joke. Pretty much my favorite part :) hahaha.

I just feel very alone lately. It’d be nice to just have someone consistently here, ya know?

I really ought to have brought Mi-er Bunny along on this trip. Yeah, I’m a 23-year-old working professional and I still need my stuffed animal.

Anyone thinking of moving to Virginia??


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