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Wait, this is it?
November 15, 2010, 6:51 pm
Filed under: the girl growing up

So it’s been awhile since the last time I’ve posted. To update all of you: I did indeed finish the conference. I have not been stuck in Denver this whole time, worry not dear loyal readers.

Also, my older sister got married! Yay! I think I’m still trying to process that one. It still seems like she just got engaged. I’m very happy for her and the wedding was perfection. Definitely a hard act to follow. So, you better get on it Elisabeth!

And also I started my job officially. My first big kid job. I’d love to say that I’ve fallen into a productive routine and I’ve got the hang of everything now, but I’d be lying. So I’ll instead ask: When do I become a full-fledged grown-up?

This question came to me last night when I caught my 23-year-old self jumping on my bed. When do I need to stop doing that? Or sleeping with a stuffed animal?

I think there should be a new age classification. Like how now there’s waddlers for between the toddler and infant stage. Or the tween from pre-teen to teen. The longer we live, the more the need for more exact representation of age. There needs to be some sort of classification for those of us in our post-collegiate pre-total-adult stage of life.

I’m open to suggestions although I’m partial to pradler myself (pre-adult).


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