getting real. sorta.

first post of the new year…i think
March 23, 2011, 9:24 pm
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i honestly don’t think i’ve posted anything since this year began. the most important news in my life right now i’m selectively sharing (no, i’m not pregnant. several times when i’ve told people “i have news!” they ask if i’m pregnant. … why??) but most who care probably know. i just don’t want it to go too public as i don’t want it on facebook. not yet at least. it’s not pressing news. everyone will know come fall.
so yeah, i’m getting eager for the weather to get nicer. i’m starting to also miss living in a city with a major league baseball team. opening day for the mariners is in like 2 weeks. i wanna go to opening day some time, even more i want to go to spring training one year. that’d be bomb dot com.
i’ve been wanting to paint again. i think that means that i’m feeling more settled here and more like myself. it’s amazing how much of one’s self one can lose when one moves away from practically everything he/she knows and everyone he/she knows.
i think the last few months i’ve just been starting to settle in. it was nice to have kate come visit, to see where i live and what i do and where i go. now when i say things like “oh yeah, i went to colley cantina” she knows what i mean. i <3 that place. very few people here like it. it's such a dive and that's why i love it. several of the regulars know me by name. i'm sure that's an accomplishment and a failure on my part in several ways. :D
i've also finally found a chiropractor here that i want to go to. she has a good vibe and is obsessed w/ the color purple. i feel a certain kinship with people who have an obsession with a specific color. several of you should know what color that is for me haha.
so, yeah. i'm doing well. i still miss my friends hardcore. and the mountains. and the evergreens. and my mom. but it's getting easier.
and i know that i can do it.
i also know that cleaning sucks. and i know that i like the industrial look. and i don't like beds. and chairs can be a good thing.
i don't know that i would have learned that w/o living alone. :D
also, i'll be housing an intern this summer. that should be nice to have someone else around. it gets so quiet in my apt sometimes, and growing up w/ four sisters meant i got used to it not being quiet. it'll be nice to just have someone else here i think.
i've also been wanting another tattoo.
and i've realized how important my friends are. i think i took them for granted.


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