getting real. sorta.

an update, plain and tall
December 28, 2010, 3:18 am
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HOKAY, SO HERE’S MY LIFE IN a very large, metophorical and verbose nutshell: i’m an idiot.

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welcome mat
September 8, 2010, 9:59 pm
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I HAD A BIT OF A NIGHTMARE LAST NIGHT. it was so bad i had to check to make sure it wasn’t real this morning right when i woke up. i dreamed my apartment had yellow shag rugs strewn haphazardly all over red and maroon speckled lynolium tile. the hallway had oak hardwood flooring that was aged in all the wrong way. and the entrance to my apartment was a set of stairs, sans door and thus sans obstruction to unwanted visitors. one of which was a cow.  since i do not want cows in my living space, i’m glad i have a door. and i’m glad nothing that was in my literal-dream apartment is in my actual dream-apartment.

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ho-hum: a hum-drum day
August 15, 2010, 2:11 am
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YEARS AND YEARS AGO, A DEAR FRIEND OF MINE (aka kim) was kind enough to share this video with me. sometimes i just sit and think about that video and it cracks me up. those days are what i refer to as “just one of those days, yup it is, bah bah dah dah dah, ooooooooh!” Continue reading

dude. i’m totally famous now.
August 1, 2010, 8:30 am
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I THINK I WOULD LIKE TO BEGIN THIS HUMBLE POST with a shout-out to all the little folk who helped me get to where i am today. and i’m not just talking about those who are shorter in stature (here’s lookin at you, watkins). i’m talking about everyone who ever, um, yeah, i don’t really know who makes up the sect of little people one is supposed to thank when said one becomes famous, but i always hear the humble ones aren’t supposed to forget to do that, so i’m doing that now.

that’s right. i’ve made it. the big leagues. i’m famous now. know how i know? easy. i got recognized.

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friends of silver and gold and rust
July 28, 2010, 5:52 am
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NE’ER IS ONE MORE AWARE OF HAVING FRIENDS when one has no friends nearby. or very few. making friends was so much easier as a kid, especially when you were the new kid, as i oft was. but now, i have to rely on skillz i haven’t called upon in decades. (ok, not decades because that would mean i hadn’t used them since i was 3 years old). Continue reading

getting in trouble. oops.
July 19, 2010, 5:57 am
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I’VE BEEN CALLED A BLACKHOLE OF INTEREST once before, in one of my geology classes in college. my TA told me i had a way of taking everyone else off course around me, himself included, with a sidetracking ability i was unaware of possessing. it made another appearance the other night.

after my shift was over, i was told, very politely and respectfully, that i was sucking people out of their work and into my ramblings and that i ought naught speak for more than one to two minutes in any given stretch. again, this is very fair since, even though i had finished all my work, all the copy editors were still trying to read stories, i.e. do their job. and i was making that a bit difficult for them.

yup. i’m like a blackhole of attention spans, and my gravitational center pulling everyone’s attention into the dark depths is my amazingly powerful ADD. not only is it keeping me off task, but it is now knocking others off their attention-span axis. oops.

sometimes i feel like that 8-year-old girl sitting in Mrs. Chemers’ 2nd-grade class, when she would look at me and tell me to simmer down. i just hope the editor doesn’t make me work next to his desk. now that would be embarrassing.

i’m only 23 people
July 19, 2010, 5:29 am
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TO ME, 23 SOUNDS YOUNG. i don’t know if it’s because i know people who are my age and i like to be immature with them or if it’s just that i work with a lot of people who are older than i am or if it’s because i have two older sisters that are “old” as opposed to my “young.” but lately, i’ve felt a bit more pressure to figure things out for the rest of my life. starting now. and i’m like, um, i’m 23.

when i was younger and playing house with the neighbors, we were always getting married around 16, like the princesses in the disney movies. when we got a little older and started talking about our real prince charming and what such a man would be like, we assumed we’d be married around 22. i told myself when i was 17 that if i made it to 27 and was still unwed, i would join a dating site to try and find a match in an expedited process.

but um, i’m 23. and uh, i am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young to get married. maybe it’s just me but i really still feel like a kid most of the time. i mean, don’t tell anyone, but i still sleep with a stuffed animal every night.

and all this stress about finding a job? i feel like i have to make a decision for the rest of my life, when really, i’ll probably only be at my first job for a couple years before moving on to somewhere else.

the crocodile from peter pan is following me around with that tick tick tick sound. i need to lose the croc and jump on board with pocahontas and just follow the flow of the river. listen to me, i’m referencing disney movies. i’m still too young to make any serious decisions.

i keep thinking of that britney (sp? kate?) spears’ song “not a girl, not yet a woman” (something like that?) and i’m all like, “she’s right.” i feel like i’m in life limbo land. i need to buy a plane ticket to denver at the end of september and i can’t because i don’t know which airport i’m going to be flying out of. and that’s just two months away. i don’t know where i’m going to be, no, i have NO CLUE where i’m going to be two months from now.

uh, yeah, i’m a bit scared.

i just need to buck up and tell the crocodile to leave me alone and ask pocahontas for a paddle and just start chrunin’ some water, baby. job applications, here i come.